Polemasters with Emilee Wilson



Host Emilee Wilson

Emilee Wilson Dynamic actress/producer, and a dedicated core of vertical dancers, are moving pole dancing OUT of the strip clubs, and into the world of art, athleticism, and empowerment. “THESE WOMEN ARE NOT ONLY PERFORMING ARTISTS, BUT THEY ARE ATHLETES. THEY ARE POLE MASTERS!”ASTERS!” BIO AND BULLET POINTS ?Who is Emilee Wilson? Ø Pole dancing for 5 years Ø Appeared weekly as Ruby in a two year stint at Jumbos Clown Room in Hollywood. Ø Dominated the stage in, Striptheplay, as the sultry lesbian dominatrix, Samantha. Ø All shows are proudly endorsed by X-POLEUS Ø Founder of the first professional pole dancing showcase in West LA called Medicinal Mondays Ø Currently producing Emilee Wilson’s Rock N’ Pole Show with the pole dancing trifecta, The VertiGirls. Ø Emilee challenges the perceptions of modern performing art Ø Emilee believes there is an alliance of instructors who enjoy performing live in mainstream venues. She has created that space for them. Pole Masters is yet another opportunity for these athletes to showcase themselves outside of their fitness studios. Ø Emilee is Pole Position Certified and she has a pole in her living room.






Lake Havasu Spring Break Pole Dancing