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Jackie Martling Over the years, in his stand-up act and on the air, Martling recounted wild tales of his partying days on the road and spoke publicly of his fondness for "drinking Marijuana and smoking beer". In December 2005, he announced that he was sober and had not had a drink in five years. His sobriety, however, does not include marijuana. He recently shot and posted two videos on YouTube that show him smoking the drug, and he is often a guest at events for the Marijuana Policy Project.[4][5] Martling is legally separated from wife Nancy Sirianni. He currently resides in Manhattan and in Bayville, New York. He appears to be cultivating a new image as an eligible, single man, and was recently interviewed for a divorced women's website where he and the middle-aged hostess claimed the interview was actually their first blind date.[6]. In an interview with Lisa G of the Howard 100 News on April 15, 2009, Martling stated he has a girlfriend with whom he currently resides, a friend of 20 years. He is a longtime member of the New York Friars Club and is actively involved with the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, Inc.